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About Us

Alkon Co was founded in 1993. From the beginning of its activity Alkon was developed as a supplier of passive electronic components (first of all- capacitors and resistors, and then switches connectors and etc).

Today Alkon Co is one of the TOP 10 biggest distributors of electronic components on the Russian market. Moreover Alkon Co is biggest supplier of passive electronic components in Russia .

Our customers now are more than 3000 Russian manufacturers and design bureaus. These customers work at different branches of industry – fire security, automotive, telecommunication, measurement equipment, medicine, consumer electronics, industrial electronics.

Alkon is a supplier of passive components also for many other distributors of electronic components in Russia.


We have four offices:

  • St-Petersburg, Sedova str. (Russia)
  • St-Petersburg, Krasnoe selo (Russia)
  • Moscow (Russia)
  • Shanghai (China)
  • Also Alkon Co has  branch offices in Novosibirsk, Ekaterinburg, Saratov and Guangzhou (China).


  • Sales department – responsible for receiving and processing customers’ orders. Our sales managers are working with more than 3000 customers, but nevertheless the major rule for them – individual method of contact to each customer.
  • Logistic department – responsible for developing cooperation with foreign and domestic manufacturers, for delivering goods just in time. Our company is working with more than 200 foreign and domestic suppliers.
  • Technical department – responsible for a full technical support for the customers. They can offer free samples, in-house testing of electronic components, replacement of analogues, technical training on the seminars. Our technical department available to offer total engineering support in promotion products of our partners.
  • Stock – Alkon has 3 warehouses: 2 in St.Petersburg and 1 in Moscow. Total is 1200 sq.m About 20 000 items Barcode controlled warehouse allows to provide error free service.
  • Marketing department – is in charge of advertising and exhibition activity, developing range of electronic components in our stock. They carry out marketing analysis and make forecasts. Alkon annually participates in the electronic trade shows with the help of marketing department, organizes seminars together with representatives of our partners. Usually we participate in 3 electronic trade shows.
  • Quality department – responsible for ensuring continuous process of quality improvement in accordance with ISO 9001-2001 standards.

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    Saint-Petersburg (Russia): +7 812 749 49 30
    Moscow (Russia): +7 495 530-84-61, +7 495 530-84-51
    FAX: +7 812 560 71 78